About the Snugs

Beehives, Snugs and Hobbit huts

Camping is back with a difference!

We have a selection of glamping pods at Riverside Park, choose between Beehives, Snugs or Hobbit Huts.

The beehives are a fully insulated wood clad design with a pine clad interior to give the inside a light and spacious feel. French doors lead you into an open space, where you will find a sofa bed, built in bunk beds, drop down shelf, extra storage, both hanging and underbed storage, dimmerable LED lighting and  USB connection ports, along with small fridge, heater, table, chairs and parasol.

The camping snugs are well built, insulated wooden huts made of larchwood, with a solid roof and extra insulation to keep you nice and snug from the elements. The lockable French doors and windows mean you can go out and explore, feeling more secure. They have been designed to give you maximum headroom and space to accommodate up to 4 people. On one side of the snug is a sofa bed, the other side has hand crafted wooden bunks. The living space in the middle has a light, plug sockets, small heater and small fridge.

The Hobbit Huts are quirky huts in 2 different shapes, the standard Hobbit Huts sleeps up to 4 (more suitable for 2 adults & 2 children) and the Hobbit Hut Mini sleeps up to 3 (more suitable for 2 adults & 1 child).

They have the same sofa bed, fridge, heater, light and plug sockets as the snugs. The standard hobbit hut sleeping up to 4 also has 2 single canvas camp beds whilst the hobbit hut mini sleeping up to 3 has a folding sleeper chair (cube).

The beehives, snugs and hobbit huts are situated away from the centre of the park in their own field, just a short walk from the River Avon.

The camping snugs, hobbit huts & beehives have exclusive access to a private toilet and shower block with washing up facilities, situated close by, alongside the private car park.

What to bring:

You basically need to bring everything you require for camping, minus the tent. However – if you are not a well equipped camper, all the necessary equipment for your stay can be hired in one of our ‘Camping Packs’. We do not provide sharp knives or scissors in the camping packs.

Please note that bedding is not supplied in the Beehives, Snugs & Hobbit Huts.

Please contact Riverside on 01789 292312 for further information.


Camping Pack Includes: